Six Ways To Get Your Outdoor Area Spring-Ready
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Six Ways To Get Your Outdoor Area Spring-Ready

Our outdoor spaces have had to suffer a lot over the winter. So before the coldest season ends, give your patios a good clean and prepare your garden for spring to mark the start of the warmer days!

With a neat and tidy area, you will feel more inclined to welcome spring and be able to enjoy your outdoor space more. You can even treat yourself to a few garden ornaments to create a beautifully refreshing area.

To help you prepare your garden for the better weather, here are our outdoor expert’s ways on how to get your outdoor area ready for spring!

1. Gutters


Although they can be easily forgotten, clearing out your gutters is the perfect job to complete in the run-up to spring. You can simply take a stepladder and scoop out all debris that have accumulated over the winter months, helping to prevent any blockages in the spring and summer months.

2. Fences


To ensure your garden is looking spick and span for the spring ahead, look for any worn fences and loose panels which you can repair and put back into place. Consider giving your fencing a fresh lick of paint or depending on how old your fence is, now is the perfect time of year to replace it.

3. Patio


To take off all the hard dirt and grime that has stuck to your paving or decking over winter, clean your patio with a power hose. You should also secure any loose pieces of decking using screws and a screwdriver, as well as pulling up any weeds that have grown between the cracks, whilst replacing any cracked, chipped or loose paving slabs.

These tasks will instantly improve the look of your outdoor space in preparation for spring. You can also apply our 15 budget-friendly garden makeover ideas for the ultimate garden transformation!

4. Windows


Your windows will need a thorough cleaning after the harsh winter weather, not only externally but also on the inside. To do this, take a sponge and clean down the plastic sills and partitions as well as the glass. You should check for any chips or cracks while doing so to prevent further damages.

5. Furniture


It’s great to keep your garden furniture clean before spring so it won’t take as long when you come to use them in this season. If you have any outdoor tables and chairs, give them a deep clean using warm water, dishwashing soap and borax for cushions. You can also paint your garden furniture if they are made of timber for a fresh look ready for the new season ahead.

If you don’t want to paint or deep wash garden furniture often, on the other hand, you can opt for a modern rattan sets which are not only stylish, but are weather-proof and require minimal maintenance.

6. Garden building


When spring starts, you will surely be using your garden building more than you did during the winter due to the nicer weather. To prepare your garden building for spring, you can wash it down, treat it (if you have a wooden structure), and paint it for a fresh appearance. If you have a log cabin or summerhouse, you can also re-decorate it for a contemporary look. Discover 5 elegant ways on how to do so in this blog.

Begin reviving your outdoor space and make the most out of it as the warmer weather arrives. Make sure to also check out our wide selection of sturdy and weather-proof garden buildings if you want to add one into your outdoor space this spring!

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